ESG: Evolving to Meet New Challenges

We are committed to driving environmental, social and governance (ESG) progress for our employees, customers, investors, communities and other stakeholders.

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Concern for the financial well-being of people across the nation is at the core of Security Benefit’s founding and remains the driving force behind our success today as a leader in the U.S. retirement industry. Through economic, industry and societal trends, we have thrived by strategically positioning Security Benefit to meet changing times in keeping with our promise to help people To and Through Retirement, in accordance with our core values:

  • Customer First – Place the interests of the customer first.
  • Integrity & Respect – Act ethically and treat all associates, customers, and partners with respect.
  • Progress – Seek continuous quality improvement.
  • Give Back – Support our communities.

To meet today's ESG challenges and in furtherance of our core values, senior management established an ESG Working Group in 2021, both to (i) assess current practices and recommend a strategic plan moving forward and (ii) provide recommendations on current and emerging ESG risks and their potential impact to Security Benefit. Senior management will implement and oversee our ESG program, reporting to the Security Benefit board of directors.

“Our ability to adapt, innovate and take decisive action has served our stakeholders well for more than a century. Our ESG program enhances our commitment to helping all our stakeholders through today’s challenges.”

– Doug Wolff, CEO, Security Benefit Life Insurance Company.

Our History of Environmental, Social and Governance

We support investing in people, contributing to the development of our communities and being responsible stewards of our organization and the planet we all share. Some of our efforts include:

Environmental Icon Environmental considerations in our business and investments 

We have a history of working to conserve natural resources and provide healthy working conditions for our associates. We manage our resource consumption, reduce emissions from our buildings and vehicles, and implement environmentally-friendly practices throughout our facilities. Our investment team considers a broad variety of risks, which may include ESG-related risks, as part of its ongoing investment process.

Social Icon Social support for our associates and communities

We are committed to providing a collaborative and respectful corporate culture for our associates, with a long-standing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, and a work environment where all people are respected and encouraged to contribute their ideas. We remain committed to growing and developing our people, attracting diverse talent and supporting strong, diverse communities. Giving back is a core company value demonstrated through contributions and volunteerism supporting education, health, the arts, and diversity initiatives, among others.

Governance Icon Governance for a more secure future

Strong governance standards and practices form the foundation for the design and delivery of our products and services to help our customers plan and save for the future. Our board of directors oversees our risk governance structure, including our enterprise risk management framework that manages our risks in the areas of investments, product and distribution, technology, operations and strategy. Our compliance and ethics programs work to ensure full legal and regulatory compliance and ethical business conduct across all aspects of our business.


SB-10015-60  |  2021-12-15