Security Benefit Advisory Platform Capabilities

Advisory Platform

The Advisory Platform provides streamlined administrative tools including flexible portfolio, fee and reporting tools that help save time so you can focus on your client relationships.

Access the Advisory Platform


Manage Portfolios

  • Transfer, reallocate, and set up future allocations
  • Create groups of accounts based on product and account owner asset strategies
  • With a single transaction, reallocate individual, group, or all active accounts
  • Schedule recurring reallocations
  • Build and maintain multiple asset allocation strategies

Manage Your Fees

Process your advisory fees* for an individual, group, or your entire block of business:

  • By percent or dollar amount
  • Deduct fees once or with a recurring frequency
  • Based on current assets or quarter-end assets
  • Deduct pro-rata or from individual funds
  • Receive fees via EFT or check

*Advisory fees you process on the Platform are based on a completed Investment Advisory Authorization form by each client for whom you process fees.

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Services are offered through Security Distributors, a subsidiary of Security Benefit Corporation (Security Benefit). Security Benefit and its subsidiaries/affiliates are not investment advisers. 

Asset reallocations and assessing fees are executed by you based on your agreement with your clients, and such transactions are not recommended, authorized or approved by Security Benefit in any way.

SB-10009-77 | 2021/06/18