Portfolio Planner Powered by Morningstar®

Enhance Client Relationships and Create Your Own In-depth Investment Analysis and Reports with the Portfolio Planner Powered by Morningstar®

Security Benefit's Portfolio Planner Powered by Morningstar® tool can help you:

  • Highlight fund stories and investment strategies for existing and new clients
  • Deliver industry-leading portfolio analysis and reports during the annual review process
  • Promote our diverse line of mutual fund and variable annuity products for your clients’ asset consolidation and IRA rollover investment needs


Create a New Portfolio

Build a new portfolio from existing models or select your own custom group of funds for analysis and detailed reports.

Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Compare an Existing Portfolio

Load your client’s existing portfolio, then build a new custom or model portfolio for comparison and analysis.

Quick Start Guide (PDF)

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Portfolio Planner Report Highlights

The Portfolio Planner Powered by Morningstar® has the ability to pull a variety of reports to provide you with insights on how best to manage your client's portfolio.

The Portfolio X-Ray report is used by advisors to reveal an instant view of how diversified a portfolio is based on the underlying holdings of every managed investment and individual security it contains by using:

  • Asset allocation
  • Stock analysis (stock sectors, world regions)
  • Bond analysis (fixed-income sectors, portfolio %, benchmark %, maturity breakdown, credit quality breakdown)
  • Investment style (style boxes)
  • Top 10 net underlying holdings
  • Portfolio holdings

The Portfolio Comparison report is used by advisors to contrast key performance and style characteristics of a current portfolio with a proposed portfolio to convey how it's more appropriate for a client or prospect by using:

  • Asset mix comparisons
  • Style box analyses
  • Sector weightings
  • Regional exposure
  • Trailing returns
  • Risk and returns statistics
  • Modern portfolio theory statistics
  • Portfolio holdings

The Stock Intersection report is used by advisors to show the 50 largest individual stock holdings in the portfolio, ranked by % of portfolio's net assets. Information about each stock shown:

  • Source of stock
  • Ticker/ISIN
  • Market value
  • % of investments
  • Holding portfolio date
  • Sector

The Investment Detail Report (IDR) is used by advisors to show a detailed breakdown of a single fund contained within the portfolio. 

  • Performance
  • Returns and risk profile
  • Morningstar category
  • Asset allocation
  • Style
  • Sector weightings
  • Top holdings
  • Ticker/ISIN
  • Fees and operational





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