My Security Benefit App

What if retirement planning was about more than money?

What if retirement planning was about a personalized path to help you plan? We're not just talking about a program to manage your investments. We're talking about an experience.

It all starts with our mobile app. Designed to help keep you on track and engaged with 24/7 access to account information and planning tools.

Note: My Security Benefit App is designed for use with our mutual fund employer sponsored retirement accounts and IRA mutual fund accounts (not for annuity contracts). 

My Security Benefit App
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With the Security Benefit app, you'll be able to:

Calculate and estimate retirement income needs
View account holdings and activity
View investment performance, change investments
Calculate and estimate  
retirement income needs
View account holdings  
and activity
View investment performance,  
change investments

Do more with the My Security Benefit app:

  • Plan your investment strategy more effectively so you can reach your retirement goals.
  • Track your retirement progress using the personalized Retirement Calculator:
    • Calculate retirement scenarios based on your individual needs, situation, and investment goals.
    • Determine your own personal “score” in real-time so you can assess and reassess your goals.
    • Create, adjust, and optimize your retirement plan actively and accurately based on your personal score.  

Now available. Download the app today.

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To access app and content features you must have a Security Benefit retirement plan account. Security Financial Resources, Inc. serves as the record keeper for such accounts, and is a subsidiary of Security Benefit Corporation (Security Benefit). 

SB-10003-74 | 2023/10/03