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Advisor Mutual Fund Program


The Advisor Mutual Fund Program is a multi-fund family platform that offers you and your clients a variety of investment options, broad diversification1 and professional money management with Managed by Morningstar®.


Security Benefit's Advisor Mutual Fund program offers various ways for advisors to help their clients save for retirement, including 403(b)(7) accounts, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs and SEP IRAs. With multiple purchase options to choose from, the Advisor Mutual Fund Program is designed with something in mind for many different types of investors.


The program offers:

  • Choose from 100 mutual funds
  • More than 25 nationally-recognized investment managers
  • A variety of asset classes including traditional, global equity, fixed income, and alternative investments
  • Exchange funds in the program without additional charges
  • Take advantage of money management services offered by Morningstar®


Related Information

1Diversification does not assure a profit.


You should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the investment options available under the Advisor Mutual Fund Program before investing. You may obtain prospectuses that contain this and other information about the investment options by calling our Service Center at 800.888.2461. You should read the prospectuses carefully before investing. Investing in mutual funds involves risk and there is no guarantee of investment results.


The Morningstar name and trademarks are used under license from Morningstar Investment Management LLC, a registered investment advisor and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc. Morningstar, Inc. and Morningstar Investment Management LLC are not affiliated with Security Benefit, its subsidiaries and affiliates.


Security Benefit has no responsibility for the management operations of Morningstar or any of its affiliates.


Securities distributed by Security Distributors, a subsidiary of Security Benefit Corporation ("Security Benefit").