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Total Interest Annuity


You can never be certain what the financial market will do to your clients' retirement savings, but the Total Interest Annuity can allow you to protect their contributions and earn guaranteed interest. Stability, assurance, protection: that's the Total Interest Annuity guarantee.


The Total Interest Annuity, a flexible premium deferred annuity available in 403(b) or IRA accounts, is well suited for several different clients:


  • Beginning clients - a simple solution to help them get started saving for retirement
  • Conservative clients - a way to avoid market risk
  • Clients within 10 years of retirement - a way to maximize and protect their contributions without risk of market losses


The Total Interest Annuity is designed to accept continuing contributions over time ("flow"), but is also designed for rollovers and in-service transfers. There are four important rates to understand:


  • Initial interest rate - paid on new contributions for the first 12 months
  • Bonus rate* - an additional bonus paid on new contributions in the first contract year
  • GMIR - the guaranteed minimum interest rate to be paid, regardless of other rates
  • Renewal rates - paid on contributions after the first 12 months


Chargeback: 100% for withdrawals in the first year, 50% for withdrawals within 13-18 months from contract issue.


No chargeback on death. The chargeback percentage is applied to the contract value being withdrawn.


No free withdrawal allowance in first year means we will not subtract the free amount to figure first year chargebacks.


No commission advancing or annualization.


Application Builder

Streamline and shorten the application process by using the Total Interest Annuity AppBuilder tool. Answer a few questions and instantly access all the forms you need to enroll your client now. Click here to get started.


Related Information

All guarantees provided in the contract, including the Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate, are provided by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company (SBL). Guarantees are subject to SBL's financial strength.


*In lieu of the Bonus Rate, for Texas contracts, the first year Current Interest Rate will include additional guaranteed interest equivalent to the current Bonus Rate. Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rates (GMIR) vary by state. If the contract's GMIR exceeds any of the rates disclosed above, the GMIR will prevail.


The Total Interest Annuity,contract form 5100 (2-11), is a flexible premium deferred fixed annuity. Product features and availability will vary by state. The contract is issued by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company and has limitations. Call a representative for complete details: 800.888.2461.


Guarantees provided by annuities are subject to the financial strength of the issuing insurance company. Annuities are not FDIC or NCUA/NCUSIF insured; are not obligations or deposits of, and are not guaranteed or underwritten by any bank, savings and loan, or credit union or its affiliates; are unrelated and not a condition of the provision or term of any banking service or activity.

Total Interest Annuity
Current Rates

Effective: March 11, 2019


Initial Interest Rate: 2.00%


Applies to each Purchase Payment (contribution for 12 months. (Renewal rates set quarterly.)


Bonus Rate: 2.00%


Additional rate for Purchase Payments (contributions) received in the first year of the contract (applies to each premium for 12 months).     


View renewal rates.


Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate: 1.70%


Subsequent renewal rates will apply to Purchase Payments (contributions) for a rolling 12-month period after the Initial Interest Rate Ends. 

The rate lock is available for 60 days from the date of the client's signature.

Rates may be changed at any time without notice and the rates set forth herin may not be available at the time of purchase.


View the complete rate sheet. (PDF)