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3 Big Social Security Changes in 2018

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401(k) Contribution Limit will Increase in 2018

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How do I get registered to sell Mutual Funds?

If you are interested in selling our mutual fund products, please provide your name, address, business telephone number and Broker/Dealer to the following email address:  Please note, mutual funds are not registered with the state insurance departments, therefore it is not necessary for you to be licensed for life insurance and appointed with Security Benefit through your state insurance department.


How do I get registered to sell Annuities?

Click to review our steps to Get Appointed. It will guide you through the steps and forms necessary for registering to sell a variable, fixed or NEA annuity. Once appointed, if you live in a state that has adopted the NAIC Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulations (the "Model"), you must take product specific training. For more information on the training requirements, go to Compliance.


How do I check the status of an annuity appointment application I submitted?

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