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SFR Program


The SFR Program is a retirement plan that is offered through an employer as an additional benefit for employees to help them save and prepare for retirement. It's designed to work as a defined contribution or as a supplemental retirement plan. Eligible employees can participate in the program and make contributions to the plan through payroll deduction.


The program provides employees a variety of mutual fund choices and a "fixed account" option (may not be available in all plans).


The program offers:

  • More than 50 choices of investment options from a variety of fund managers
  • A Fixed Account Option that offers a declared interest rate instead of volatile market returns
  • Diversify your investment mix to achieve a risk level you are comfortable with1
  • Choose from different investment strategies - from dollar cost averaging to automatic asset reallocation


To learn more about the SFR Program contact your local financial representative or call our Service Center at 800.888.2461.


Helpful Resources

1 Diversification does not assure a profit.


You should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the mutual funds before investing. You may obtain prospectuses that contain this and other information about the mutual funds by calling our Service Center at 800.888.2461. You should read the prospectuses carefully before investing. Investing in mutual funds involves risk and there is no guarantee of investment results.


The Fixed Account Option is a group unallocated fixed annuity contract issued by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company ("SBL"), policy form GV4586. The obligations under the Fixed Account option are guaranteed by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company's General Account in the event that the assets are not sufficient to meet the Fixed Account obligations.


Services and securities are offered through Security Distributors, a subsidiary of Security Benefit Corporation ("Security Benefit").


The SFR 401(k) and 401(a) Programs are Trust Accounts under §401 of the Internal Revenue Code. The SFR 403(b)(7) ERISA and 403(b)(7) Voluntary Programs are Custodial Accounts under §403(b)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code. The SFR 457 Governmental Program and the SFR 457 Top Hat Program are Trust Accounts under §457(g) of the Internal Revenue Code.


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