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The Managed by Morningstar® Program


Security Benefit is proud to offer the Managed by Morningstar program from Morningstar Investment Management LLC. This is a completely customized tool for clients and their financial representatives to help manage their retirement account.


Available with a variety of retirement plans, including 401(k), 403(b), 457 and IRA plans, the Managed by Morningstar program can help provided individualized account management and investment allocation.


To learn more about how Managed by Morningstar can help, please view one of the short video clips in our series on Managed by Morningstar.




How It Works - In this short clip, learn how to customize the Managed by Morningstar program for your needs, along with what data Morningstar uses to fine-tune your account.




Why Morningstar? - This brief video tells why we partnered with Morningstar for account management, and what their experience and expertise brings for you.



Some highlights of the Managed by Morningstar program:

  • Available in 401(a), 401(k), 403(b), 457 plans
  • Available in IRAs and Roth IRAs
  • Used by more than 1 million people worldwide to manage their accounts
  • The average client using a managed account program returns 3.32% more, even after including fees, than someone not using a service1
  • Program goal is to return 80-100% of retirement income goals
  • 87% of Managed by Morningstar participants were able to save more2
  • The average Managed by Morningstar participant has up to 32% more wealth in retirement3
  • Includes 90 Day Free Trial, no obligation


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1Source: AON/Hewitt and Financial Engines study, 2006-2012, compared with participants who self-invested.


2A total of 58,444 participants were included in a study based on available participant information and various filters and include those that used Morningstar Associates’ Morningstar® Retirement ManagerSM Managed Accounts or Advice service between the dates of January 2006 and February 2014.


The percentage of participants that increased their savings deferral rates is determined by comparing each participant’s savings deferral rate prior to and after using the Morningstar Retirement Manager service. Participants who increased their savings deferral rate after using Morningstar Retirement Manager are included in this data point.


3This figure represents the likelihood that a participant could potentially have more wealth at retirement by using Morningstar Retirement Manager. This analysis is based on 58,444 participants who used the Morningstar Retirement Manager service between the dates of January 2006 and February 2014. For each participant in this universe, the hypothetical future one-year performance using the participant’s portfolio prior to and after using Morningstar Retirement Manager is calculated. The difference between these results was then projected forward to the participant’s assumed retirement at age 65, including an annual fee of 0.6%. Participants were categorized based on their age upon first using Morningstar Retirement Manager, and the ratio of participants in each age category who had better results after using Morningstar Retirement Manager to the total number of participants in that category was calculated to arrive at the aggregate likelihood value. For example, the analysis shows that an average 25-year-old using Morningstar Retirement Manager has an 89% likelihood of having more wealth at retirement compared to an average 25-year-old who did not use the service. The likelihood amount varies by age, and tends to decrease with the age the participant first uses the Morningstar Retirement Manager service, i.e., a 45-year-old has an 80% likelihood and a 60-year-old has a 56% likelihood of having more wealth at retirement. Additionally, the likelihood of more wealth at retirement increases as the management fee decreases; conversely, decreases as the management fee increases.


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