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A Leader in 403(b) Planning


Security Benefit is a leader in the K-12 Education retirement market. We provide solutions to help make district retirement plan management simpler and easier not just products. Working solely through local, independent, financial representatives we can help you strengthen the retirement benefit you offer your employees.


What can Security Benefit do for you and your district?

  • Solve problems - We understand that 403(b) administration is time and staff intensive so we help make life simpler and easier for school districts, employees and administration by shifting the administrative burden to us.
  • Comprehensive program - We deliver more than products. We deliver a complete plan and program that is designed to reduce administrative burdens, ease communications and increase participation.
  • Local service - We provide service and support for your employees through experienced financial professionals who live and work in your community.
  • Quality- Our program aims to constantly improve through a proprietary fund monitoring process.


What can Security Benefit do for your employees?

  • Simplicity - Many school employees find planning for retirement and the enrollment process intimidating and confusing. We take complex, hard to understand things and make them simpler which can help take the fear out of decisions.
  • Local help - One of the things that differentiates Security Benefit is our choice to work with local, financial professionals who provide help and advice to your employees.
  • Right choice - With easier to understand materials and local professional help, we find that employees feel more comfortable creating a plan and working that plan to help them reach their retirement goals.


Making Life Easier for Employers

Security Benefit can guide you through budgetary control options within the 403(b) tax code.


403(b) Employer Matching Contribution Plan (PDF)

An Employer Matching Contribution Plan can help school districts more tightly administer their finances while giving employees more retirement-saving options. Much like a 401(k) plan, both the employer and employee contribute to the plan pre-tax, saving the district taxes, provides cost-savings from the salary schedule and contributes to employee retention. The school district completely controls the parameters of executing and funding a 403(b) Employer Matching Contribution Plan. For more information see linked PDF above.


403(b) Special Pay Plan (PDF)

A 403(b) Special Pay Plan allows school districts to manage the costs associated with employees who leave the district with unused sick and vacation time to cash in, or employees who are eligible for an early-retirement option. A school district can designate money as an employer contribution for deposit to an employee's 403(b) account instead of contracting for payouts, helping the district avoid unforeseen expenses and taxes due on a payout. The plan also allows the employee to save tax-deferred. The school district has control on the design of the 403(b) Special Pay Plan. For more information see linked PDF above.


For more information about Security Benefit and how we can help your employees, contact us at 800.888.2461.


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