OFG Financial Services - Leasha Rutschman

Is Financial Freedom in Your Future?

Planning for retirement and choosing a retirement program can be a really intimidating process.
This video will cover how your school district's 403(b) retirement program can help give you
choices and financial security for your future.


OFG Financial Services, Inc.


Leasha Rutschman
Registered Representative

Tel: (316) 461-5063
Email: [email protected]


Security Benefit works with OFG Financial Services to offer saving opportunities and services
through your school district's 403(b) retirement program. Security Benefit has been helping
educational employees plan and save for retirement for more than five decades. As the exclusive
provider of retirement programs for the National Education Association, we work with independent
financial representatives – like OFG Financial Services – to deliver products that meet the retirement
needs of education employees throughout their lifetimes, from early career to retirement.

Neither Security Benefit Corporation nor its affiliates are fiduciaries. This information is general in nature and intended for use with the general public. For additional information, including any specific advice or recommendations, please visit with your financial professional.

Services are offered through Security Distributors, a subsidiary of Security Benefit Corporation (Security Benefit).