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Annuity Contract Withdrawal Request

Use this form to request a one-time withdrawal from your annuity account.


Complete each section of the form.

  • This transaction will be processed as of the valuation date Security Benefit receives the request in proper form.
  • Charges may apply to withdrawals.
  • A copy of a blank voided check is required in order for funds to be distributed electronically. See Section 8.
  • Please note: if you currently have a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) program established on your account any additional withdrawals taken from your account will be considered part of the RMD for the current year. The number of remaining payments and/or the amount of your systematic RMD may change due to this withdrawal request.
  • If your account is a retirement savings or governmental 457 plan, please refer to the applicable Special Tax Notice attached for a summary of the options available to you. Due to strict IRS regulations governing investment accounts we recommend that you evaluate your situation carefully and/or consult with your tax advisor to maintain the status of your account and/or to avoid any potential penalties.
  • Tax Sheltered Account withdrawals may not be made from earnings credited after December 31, 1988, unless the withdrawal is due to any of the reasons indicated in Section 2.
  • To initiate payments under the Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB) rider, please use the Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Income Election form.
  • To initiate RMD payments, please use the Required Minimum Distribution form.
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Overnight Delivery

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By Fax
For questions or assistance, please call 800.888.2461.
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Scheduled Systematic Withdrawal Request for Annuity Contract

Use this form to establish a Scheduled Systematic Withdrawal (SSW) from fixed annuities, fixed index annuities, and variable annuities (excludes Mutual of Omaha or NEA).


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