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Loan Application, Agreement and Promissory Note: Use this form to establish a loan on your retirement account for group retirement products.


Loan Application, Agreement and Promissory Note (Group Retirement Products Only)


Loan Application, Agreement and Promissory Note (Fixed Annuities, Fixed Indexed Annuities, Variable Annuities)


Non-Financial Change: Modify or change information regarding: Owner, Joint Owner, Annuitant, Beneficiary and/or address change.


Non-Financial Change (Group Retirement Products Only)


Non-Financial Change (Fixed Annuities, Fixed Indexed Annuities, Variable Annuities)



AEA Valuebuilder (Alabama Education Association)


For help on filling out the forms, please view the instructions.


Form Description
Annuitization For annuitizing your contract, designating Annuity Life and Non-Life options and Secondary payee information. Select your investment basis, method and frequency of the payout, and tax withholding information.
Asset Realocation Use this form to automatically transfer account values to maintain a specific percentage allocation among your current and future investment options.
Change Investment Allocations Use this form to modify your existing and/or future investment allocations.
Dollar Cost Averaging Allows you to periodically exchange contract value from one investment option to one or more other options. You may select the option by which you would like funds transferred as well as select the transfer to occur monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Must be accompanied by the Fund Investment Options.
Electronic Bank Information For making electronic investments directly from your bank account to Security Benefit. Within in the form, you may select the amount you would like automatically invested and the frequency of the investments.
Fund Investment Options This form lists the investment line-up for AEA Valuebuilder. It must accompany the Asset Reallocation, Change Investment Allocations, Dollar Cost Averaging, and the Incoming Funds Transfer-Rollover form.
Internal Exchange Statement and Agreement

Use this form to transfer funds internally from one account to another. (This includes transferring assets from one employer
plan to another employer plan).

Loan Application and Agreement For applying for a loan, selecting your repayment frequency, applying to make payments electronically via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), or selecting your Loan Disbursement Method. Please read the most commonly asked questions on the last two pages of the form. Note:The loan amount available to you is dependent on your contract value.
Non-Financial Change (Name, Address, Beneficiary, etc.) For changing the name and/or address of the existing Annuitant/Participant, Owner of the Contract or changing the primary and/or contingent beneficiary(ies).
One-Time Withdrawal To make a one-time withdrawal from your account, please contact your Advisor or our Service Center (800.747.3942) to request a form.
Proof of Death For selecting how to handle proceeds, applying to receive payments electronically via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), and selecting Federal income tax options. Note:Every beneficiary is required to complete his or her own form in the case of a death benefit.
Required Minimum Distribution To add or change Required Minimum Distribution options, contact your Advisor or our Service Center (800.888.2461) to request a form.
Salary Reduction Agreement For the purchase of a 403(b) Annuity Contract (through Salary Reduction) to provide retirement benefits for the employee.
Scheduled Systematic Withdrawal To add or change Scheduled Systematic Withdrawal options, please contact your Advisor or our Service Center (800.747.3942) to request a form.

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