Providing Hope

Keeping Topeka Moving Forward

In the face of the crisis due to the corona virus outbreak, Security Benefit took decisive action to keep employees healthy, while continuing our unwavering focus on serving our clients’ needs. We also immediately recognized our responsibility to the local communities in which we live and work.

We’ve been a part of the fabric of Topeka since 1892, helping people when they needed it the most. And we are still here, helping our neighbors through this latest challenge. When some of the local charities we work with asked about refunding our donations due to canceled events, we turned all of them down. Instead, we asked each not just to keep the money, but to put it to work in the community where it is needed most.

“If you look at the history of Security Benefit, we started in 1892 as a fraternal organization with a very philanthropic goal,” said Mike Kiley, Security Benefit’s CEO. “We became a significant player in all levels of philanthropy in northeast Kansas during the first 25-30 years of our history. That became even more significant as things moved forward. Being a part of the community, giving back, being a philanthropic
organization — I think it’s in our DNA.”

In another effort to support Topeka during the crisis, Security Benefit worked with golf-pro Gary Woodland, a Topekan himself, plus one of our distribution partners (also fellow Topekans), IDG, to help pull together $300,000 ($100,000 each) to contribute to some of the key charities in the city. 

“My wife, Gabby, and I have been at home following the news on this pandemic and how it has impacted everyone across the world,” noted Gary Woodland. “After talking with IDG and Security Benefit, we believed it was important to try and have a positive impact on as many people as possible back home in Topeka, KS.  Spreading it out through these 8 organizations we felt was the best way to achieve that goal.”
The eight entities will receive the following combined dollar amounts:

  • Topeka Rescue Mission, which will receive $75,000
  • HOST Relief Program, which will receive $60,000
  • Let’s Help, which will receive $45,000
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka, which will receive $45,000
  • Salvation Army, which will receive $30,000
  • Project Topeka, which will receive $15,000
  • Topeka North Outreach, which will receive $15,000
  • Silverbackks, which will receive $15,000

“The retirement savings business is by definition a long-term business — so we look down the road, not at the road,” Kiley said. “As a company that’s 128 years old, believe it or not, this is not our first pandemic. We were around for 1918. We’ve seen wars. We’ve seen depressions. We’ve seen financial calamity. We’ve seen recessions. ... And we weathered them all.”

Topeka will weather this one too.