Inflation + Rising Rates + Market Volatility = Uncertainty

Turn Headwinds into Tailwinds

Create Certainty for Your Clients

Current economic conditions have created high levels of uncertainty for many people in or nearing retirement, causing them to reevaluate their current financial and retirement planning. Security Benefit is offers three solutions that can help provide your clients with the certainty they are seeking.

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How Can You Help Create Certainty With Security Benefit?

  • Principal protection
  • Interest earned based on part of the positive changes in certain market indexes
  • Tax-deferred accumulation
  • Ability to automatically benefit as rates rise

Strategies and Sales Ideas

Today's tough economic situations can make it challenging to engage clients worried about safeguarding their savings. With our suite of sales ideas, you can offer solutions to help them weather the storm.

Overcoming Headwinds

Overcoming Headwinds of a Perfect Storm Sales Idea Thumbnail

Educate your clients about the three economic conditions and how they are currently driving market uncertainty.

Bonds on the Bubble?

Are Bonds on the Bubble sales idea thumbnail

In a rising rate environment, bonds may lose value. Introduce your clients to a bond alternative specifically designed to benefit them automatically as rates rise.

Protected Accumulation

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Offer your clients accumulation potential while avoiding all market losses. This piece illustrates the growth over time, benchmarked against the S&P® 500 index.







Available Solutions for Current Headwinds

RateTrack® Annuity
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RateTrack® Annuity

  • Product Type: Fixed Annuity
  • Minimum Purchase: $10,000
  • Strategy: Floating Rate Annuity
  • Not Available in New York
Foundations Annuity
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Foundations Annuity

  • Product Type: Fixed Index Annuity
  • Minimum Purchase: $25,000
  • Strategy: 7 Index Accounts + Fixed Account
  • Not Available in New York
Advanced Choice Annuity
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Advanced Choice Annuity

  • Product Type: Fixed Annuity
  • Minimum Purchase: $10,000
  • Strategy: Conservative
  • Not Available in New York


The Security Benefit RateTrack® Annuity, form ICC15 5300 (12-15) and 5300 (12-15), a single premium deferred fixed annuity, is issued by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company. Product features, limitations, and availability vary by state.

The VIX is a real-time market index that represents the market's expectation of 30-day forward-looking volatility.

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